24 May 2018

The Impact of Light on Color (Video)

When it comes to choosing paint colors, natural and artificial light are both things that need to be taken into consideration. As a homeowner, you should always consider the light that will be presented in any given room prior to making your paint color selection. A color that you love might look a certain wayRead the full article

23 April 2018

Do One-Coat Paint Systems Really Work? (Video)

Many of the big box paint stores will promote and try and sell you on one-coat painting systems, but beware, they don’t always live up to the hype. And what’s worse than being sold a one-coat system that needs more than one coat? Being sold that next can of paint by the same person thatRead the full article

10 April 2018

Interior Residential Painting Products – Aura by Benjamin Moore (Video)

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for, and that certainly applies to paint. When it comes to interior paint products, there are few that can compare to Benjamin Moore’s Aura line of paints. Aura features Benjamin Moore’s proprietary Color Lock technology for long-lasting color retention. The Aura interior paint standsRead the full article

29 March 2018

Premium Exterior Paint – Regal Select by Benjamin Moore (Video)

Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select is a premium residential paint. It’s mildew resistant and features advanced alkyd technology for super adhesion, making it the perfect paint for exterior projects. The Regal Select comes in a handful of different sheens and thousands of different colors. Regal Select’s features are so great that we use it as oftenRead the full article

27 March 2018

Interior Commercial Painting Products – UltraSpec by Benjaminn Moore (Video)

Ultra Spec Interior Paint is Benjamin Moore’s premium interior commercial paint product. The paint was designed to address all painting issues and concerns, specifically hiding and touching up prior painting errors. It’s a cost-effective paint that seals new drywall surfaces with two coats to a flat sheen. The paint is easily applied, yields strong colorRead the full article

21 March 2018

Good, Better, and Best – Benjamin Moore Paints (Video)

One of the benefits to using paint from a company as big as Benjamin Moore is the vast inventory of different types of paint. Their paints vary in price, durability, coverage options, and more. And in terms of good, better, and best, let’s talk about Ultra Spec, Ben, Regal Select, and Aura. Ultra Spec andRead the full article

08 March 2018

Masonry Primers, Part 2 of 3 (Video)

When applying primer to brick, block, concrete, or any other masonry substrate that has a high moisture content, it is extremely important that you use the correct type. Masonry primers are designed specifically for different surfaces in order to yield the best possible level of adhesion. It’s important that you consult a professional before purchasingRead the full article

19 February 2018

Traditional Paint and Primers vs. All in One Paint & Primers, Part 2 of 5 (Video)

At CertaPro Painters of Southern Indiana, our residential and commercial painting experts typically recommend using a separate paint and primer, but there are occasions when the all in one systems can be effective. In the short video below, Hunter and Tommy discuss the pros and cons of all in one paint and primer systems: ToRead the full article

15 February 2018

How to Choose the Right Exterior Primer Paint, Part 4 of 5 (Video)

A lot of the work that our residential and commercial painting team does includes re-paint jobs, so we are constantly trying to improve upon the previous job. When selecting an exterior primer, it’s imperative that you choose one that can achieve sufficient film buildup on exterior surfaces, thus resulting in a consistent sheen. Using aRead the full article

07 February 2018

What’s the Difference Between Advantage 900 and Glyptex Paint? (Video)

The video shown below is a conversation between Lee Sapata and Gene Helm. Gene, who has 40+ years of experience working with Porter Paints, explains how Advantage 900 differs from Glyptex paint. Advantage 900 is a super-premium Waterborn Acrylic Enamel that was developed to behave like an Oil-Based Alkyd, but with the ability to beRead the full article